Thursday, April 9, 2009

tips based on asian skins

do opt for nude make up on ordinary days
- no kohl or liquid eyeliner

+ slaps on face powder and not foundation
*before that, runs ice cube on your face til your face go a little cherry
this helps to close the pores before you head down the sun
+ only dark brown brow liner used as eyeliner
this gives a natural effects and smudge free
+ for brows, comb it with finished mascara to have a groomed effects
+ pinch of blush would be nice
+ moisturize your lips with serum cream
and that's it

"Don't wear fashion nor trends
.. just wear your old clothes
and you will be fashionably humble in fashion"

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bryan Boy is coming to town!

and yep, you are looking at this boy right here
not entirely a boy but a fashionisette too!
he struts the new Marc Jacobs bag
personalized parcel from him to Bryan Boy
he lives the life of a true asian fashionisette
he also sweats glitter
how fascinating is that

aren't we are all nervous to have him in town
to witness the fashion week this year
oh gosh! i wonder what will his review would be

will broadcast to you live, from the backstage of M-ifw 2008 soon!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

At Threadszoo - bing your good ol' clothes and donate
while other shop for it and coin some cash into the box
for a good cause that is

the money will be given straight to the selected orphanage home that will be there on that date
so be a good-deed-doer pretties
for we do have the "angelina jolie-ness" in us always

We will be having a mini session in conjuction of Bookcrossing!
Bring your books and exchange for FREE
read . meet . mingle
and shop while having a great weekend at HAPPY HIPPYZ!